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What our Clients are saying


The output of work from both your technical writers is always of high quality.
~ Operations Manager – Large iron ore client

Impressed with the service delivery and the quality of SSI staff to perform work with little direction.
~ Port Maintenance Superintendent – Large iron ore client

Great service by very competent and professional people. SSI staff were very helpful with providing assistance and guidance with our project and success was, in part due, to the service SSI provided.
~ HSE Manager – WA engineering company

I am extremely pleased with the effort that SSI undertook in partnership with Hellas Gold. Aaron and Lisa listened to our particular needs and delivered exactly what we wanted, simple, clear, and easily understood standards and all supporting documents. When I showed the final product tour our VP Operations in Vancouver, he very impressed. Aaron and Lisa worked very hard, paid close attention to key relationships, and handled situations very well that could have created real issues for Hellas Gold if they had behaved otherwise. I know this was a first for both of them regarding development of four standards at the same time, but they did a great job. I will try to get more funding to have them back for the next set of standards. I would also have them back as friends any time they would like to visit. Good people, good effort, good product, good job!
~ HSE Manager - Hellas Gold Corporate