SSI are trusted advisors for all stages of operational maturity

SSI has tailored solutions for all businesses regardless of their operational maturity. Our staff are regularly engaged by clients who have the internal capability but are often time poor due to competing work priorities. We work with many clients to improve and enhance their existing systems. We also have vast experience with helping new corporate identities and/or clients on ‘green field’ sites move through the hectic periods of construction and commissioning, helping them head towards operational readiness and turn key production with minimal stress.

One of our staff members was engaged by a major lithium producer in Western Australia to draft operational manuals as the site was working towards the commissioning stage. Working with the construction, commissioning and operational staff gave us a holistic view of what processes were in place and where there were gaps that needed to be addressed.

The following areas were identified as requiring further progression to ensure a safe worksite for all:

  • Structured risk assessment process for site
  • Hazard and risk training
  • New employee process

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Streamlining Safe Work Instructions

SSI was recently contracted for technical writing services to a major lithium producer in Western Australia. Whilst engaged by the client, SSI saw opportunities to ‘value add’ to our normal service offerings.

In consultation with the client, SSI put forward an innovative solution to develop and manage corrective and preventative maintenance (PM) safe work instructions (SWIs). The inventive deliverable consists of a central data base to store all the SWIs inclusive of image locations, check sheets and site emergency information. The generator function on the data base collects information from relevant sources and produces a complete document in both Excel and PDF format at the click of a button. This includes images of the relevant work steps within the task automatically populating into the completed document once the SWI is generated.

Creative thinking by SSI staff, with a passion to be client-needs-focussed and not constrained by what is conventionally delivered, resulted in a superior system being provided to the client.

Key features include:

  • Centralised location for all equipment maintenance information including maintenance SWIs, check sheets and images
  • Pre-population of all common document inputs (uniformity of content, time and cost savings)
  • Easy modification of documents by the end user with password protection to maintain integrity
  • Functionality to print by batch or individual documents
  • Automatic updates for required fields (Rev No, Rev Date, Next Rev Date, Last Rev Date)
  • Escalation/approval process for when a document is changed
  • Email notifications for documents due for review within an 8 week period
  • Allocations of risk ratings to work steps (inherent and residual)

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Sharing the load to help free up clients to focus on current busy workloads

SSI employees have a wide range of skills that can be utilised to achieve successful outcomes for clients. A recent job with a world leader in the rail industry highlights how SSI can bring technical expertise and dedicated focus to achieve great outcomes in a short period of time.
Contacted by the client SSI was engaged to provide technical expertise to either develop from scratch or update a wide range of documents and processes:

  • Project specific business continuity documentation (including a policy level document, business impact assessment and project continuity plan)
  • Project specific account management plan
  • Corporate level asset management documentation (including an asset management strategy, associated procedures covering design, development, planning, manufacture, operations and maintenance, and a safe electrical work procedure)
  • Associated HSEC audit tools against internal performance standards to ensure system efficiency

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Smart Staff International have partnered with IsoBuilderTM

Isobuilder is an interactive Isolation Design Software that allows you to increase the accuracy and efficiency of Isolation Design during the PTW process. Eliminate countless man hours and substantially decrease production downtime associated with isolation design and storage with this user-friendly software.

Some of the benefits you can expect from IsoBuilder are:ISO

  • Save countless manhours in the isolation design and retrieval process
  • Improved accuracy of isolations
  • Substantially reduce production downtime associated with isolation design
  • Increased operator knowledge of plant
  • Self-managed software application with great usability (unlimited users)
  • Efficient storage and retrieval of isolation docs on every workstation on site
  • Ease of accessibility to plant drawings and controlled isolation documents
  • Versatility for change management
  • Adaptability to any current Permit to Work System

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Striving to Develop and Implement more Innovative Solutions for Clients

Over the last 3 years, SSI have been working cooperatively with over 100 clients, across a range of industries including:

  • Mineral processing (Fe, Au, Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag)
  • Mining
  • Ports and shipping
  • Power generation
  • Rail (mining and government)
  • Health (hospital construction)
  • Food production
  • Primary industry (grain handling)

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