Cost & Time Effective Technical Writing

Scope of Work/Issue

SSI was approached by a large construction company (EPCM) to develop 2,800 maintenance Work Instructions (WINs) that were required as part of the project handover of a beneficiation plant, rail and port operation. The documents were contractually required to be delivered from the EPCM to the client within a three (3) month period. The EPCM could not meet the required timeframes with their resources and did not have the expertise in a technical writing project of this scale.


SSI was approached to provide an estimate to complete the works and identified that, of the 2,800 proposed WINs, 1,304 had been duplicated across areas and equipment and the total number of documents could be rationalised. Once the final deliverables had been properly quantified and then approved by the client, SSI quickly engaged additional technical writers/subject matter experts (SME), bringing total personnel on the project from 8 to 21, within a few weeks.

Client supplied information, such as 3D diagrams, P&IDs, drawings, vendor information, and the SMEs expertise was used to develop the WINs to 90% completion leaving just photos to be added and in-field verification during commissioning.

SSI’s internal training system and quality process was utilised to ensure consistency in format, grammar, terminology and writing style, between all SMEs/technical writers.



  • Scope of work was accurately specified reducing project costs (50% saving)
  • Quick engagement and training of SMEs ensured client received quality documents to meet deadlines
  • Project was completed on time and under budget
  • Minimal impact on client’s business due to SMEs expertise and use of source information reducing client review time and costs
  • All documents were of a high quality and required minimal rework reducing client review time and costs.

Feedback from the EPCM Project Manager

  • Highly technically knowledgeable team
  • Very dedicated and approachable managers
  • Had the flexibility to quickly grow or cut down staff numbers when required, to meet deadlines or adapt to pace information is made available to complete the task
  • All hours, or fractions of an hour, expended in the project are justified and fully traceable
  • Excellent use of web based collaboration tools for document sharing, progress tracking and reporting

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