Legislative Compliance

The NT government passed new legislation for Port Management in 2015 and in 2016 issued a notice that it must be complied with within a year. The company believed they satisfied the requirements of the legislation so took no further action. The governing body requested information detailing how the company was meeting the legislation and the information provided included bits and pieces from the company’s current system which did not satisfy the governing bodies requirements.

The company reached out to SSI for assistance requiring a quick turnaround of documentation to satisfy the requirements. The following steps were taken by SSI to assist the company in providing the required document:

  1. Gain an understand of the legislation and the specific requirements the governing body were looking for
  2. Determine the current processes and practices on site
  3. Document into one overarching documentGettyImages 509781282 low

During this process, it was identified that the company did not fully understand the new legislation and the impact that it could have on their business should they not comply or not be able to provide the evidence required to prove they comply. The current processes and practices in place were sufficient to meet the key requirements under legislation, however the documentation did not effectively reflect this.

SSI produced an overarching standard pulling together the current site practices while ensuring key requirements from the governing body were clearly provided. The standard was reviewed internally by subject matter experts, management and company lawyers prior to being sent to the governing body for their review. This process was undertaken over 4 days.

The governing body responded with a technical query that was answered sufficiently and minor wording changes that did not affect the company’s compliance requirements.

Additionally, SSI provided the company with a gap analysis, for consideration, on their current system where improvements can be made should the governing body choose to audit the site. This analysis was pulled together from observations made during the development of the standard.

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