Smart Staff International celebrates 20 years in business

Smart Staff International has just reached its 20th year in operation. This is a significant milestone which we are very proud to have been able to achieve. When the business was first launched (at that stage as Smart Staff Australia) the objective was to provide the resource processing industry with operational and maintenance training material that people would use. This objective was borne out of the founding partner’s first-hand experience of seeing poor training systems result in repeatable failures that led to production losses, excessive costs, serious injuries and the fatality of a close relative.

The business has stayed true to the founding partner’s objective of improving processes that frontline employees are required to follow and is encapsulated in our principle of “Creating Practical Workplace Systems”.

This underlying principle remains consistent throughout all of our services and supports our goal of providing industry with workplace training and safety systems that are practical, easy to use, have clear links to the risk exposure they are mitigating, reduce ongoing costs and save lives.

Our unique approach has seen SSI expand its services internationally from minerals processing to oil and gas, mining, heavy industrial, food processing and utilities industries in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of front line hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control (HIRARC) processes
  • Technical writing and training material development
  • Review, design and implement high risk work, hazardous energy control and permit to work systems
  • Confined space identification and risk assessment
  • Training and mentoring of safety advisors, permit authorities and isolation officers
  • Isolation point labelling and P&ID/PFD development and review
  • Auditing and gap analysis of safe systems of work
  • Provision of specialised labour (Safety Advisors, Isolation Officers and Permit Issuers) for commissioning, shutdowns or relief coverage

Take a look at our SSI News page for some recent case studies that provide an overview of the scope of our services these days.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and partners and SSI personnel that we have worked with over these years. Repeat clients that have moved from site to site, company to company and country to country doing business with us and long term employees are some of our measures of success.


Dave Thomson

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