Testimonial from SSI Client

Recent client feedback from a smelter in Queensland:

I was just wanting to give you some feedback on Jim and Darren, they are both smashing out the work. The management team have said their work is exceptional, they are producing both quality and quantity documents which is assisting this project greatly. They both have a great reputation with the teams they work with, the guys they work with can’t speak highly enough of them. They are very easy going guys and are willing to undertake any task without hesitation.

As their supervisor I can’t think of any faults, except the fact that we cannot clone them.

Both Darren and Jim always have great safety improvements and ideas which is great to see. Jim has developed a few tools and improvements that the maintenance guys at the smelter are using currently.

I had a meeting with our management team last week, and the outcome from that meeting was the documents being produced are (quote) “fantastic”.



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