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SSI has tailored solutions for all businesses regardless of their operational maturity. Our staff are regularly engaged by clients who have the internal capability but are often time poor due to competing work priorities. We work with many clients to improve and enhance their existing systems. We also have vast experience with helping new corporate identities and/or clients on ‘green field’ sites move through the hectic periods of construction and commissioning, helping them head towards operational readiness and turn key production with minimal stress.

One of our staff members was engaged by a major lithium producer in Western Australia to draft operational manuals as the site was working towards the commissioning stage. Working with the construction, commissioning and operational staff gave us a holistic view of what processes were in place and where there were gaps that needed to be addressed.

The following areas were identified as requiring further progression to ensure a safe worksite for all:

  • Structured risk assessment process for site
  • Hazard and risk training
  • New employee process

Risk assessment process

A structure was proposed for production documentation around task-based risk assessments and this was also extended to the laboratory, maintenance and logistics departments. Valued by the safety department, the task-based risk assessment process helped identify gaps and shortfalls in current training material and procedures and has been used to feed into site bowtie risk assessments.
The other outcome, from the task-based risk assessment, was a minimisation of the number of practical assessments developed, as only the higher risk tasks required assessments. This, in turn, will lead to reduced costs and less time required by onsite assessors.Tianqi trusted advisors case study photo

Hazard and risk training

Having specialist mindset coaching skills, our onsite SSI employee developed a hazard and risk assessment training workshop based on cognitive and behavioural training where the beliefs toward safety are the drivers behind behaviour. This safety approach has been welcomed on site and it emphasises management’s expectation that individuals are to be ‘adult’ in their actions with regards to tasks.

New employee induction process

Employing a large number of personnel, some brand new to the industry, can be occupying and challenging. SSI proposed and worked collaboratively with the client to develop a 10 part employee handbook supported by a training framework to cover an employee’s training and mentoring in the first three months on site. A presentation on lithium production and a plant familiarisation were also proposed and developed.

SSI’s presence on site has had a positive impact and continues on to this day.

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