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With busy work schedules it isn’t always immediately apparent to companies where gaps may lay in their systems. With over 20 years of technical writing experience SSI’s skilled staff can quickly help you identify and prioritise where you can best focus your efforts.

SSI were recently engaged by a large port operation to improve upon their confined space management system. After on-site analysis of the organisation’s needs it became apparent that the fundamental cornerstone of hazard identification, risk assessment and control (HIRARC) was lacking and had not been promoted effectively throughout the business.

After advice from SSI a decision was made to take a step back and prioritise development, implementation and embedding of a real time hazard assessment (RTHA) process called S.T.E.P.S (stop, talk/think, evaluate and proceed safely) in conjunction with a job safety analysis (JSA).

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Drawing on important inputs from all aspects of the organisation SSI facilitated a JSA steering committee, developing clear and easy to follow flowcharts which helped the client understand:
• The important difference between hazards and risks
• The decision process around when a S.T.E.P.S or JSA was required
• What constituted the S.T.E.P.S process
• What constituted the JSA process
• The risk escalation process

SSI’s technical writing team then expanded upon the flowcharts to develop the procedure and a S.T.E.P.S booklet detailing the process behind these risk management elements. This was then complimented by the development of an end user focussed training and assessment package.

Through discussions with the client it was identified that delivering theory training and assessment alone would not establish the desired frontline HIRARC understanding or behaviours. To ensure the process was fully embedded SSI developed a post implementation audit tool and provided mentoring to the workforce. The audit tool was very effective in identifying common trends (both good and bad) and ensured that any commonly identified poor performance could be quickly focussed on and remedied.
Overall a successful implementation and establishment of the desired behaviours was achieved. This allowed SSI and the client to progress with other elements of their safety management system as per identified priorities.

Feedback from employees who undertook the JSA training included:
“Very well explained presentation with a lot of useful information”
“Very informative and well run session”
“I have seen the posters at the Port on S.T.E.P.S but was thrilled to fully understand the concept in this session”

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