Corporate harmonisation of safe systems of work

Too often companies find themselves in a situation where their organisation has grown organically and independently. This can result in numerous different site procedures and practices evolving, with various levels of effectiveness when the core risk being managed is the same.Sims Harmonisation case study

Different internal approaches to high risk work management can result in:

  • Non compliance to corporate policies, procedures and practices
  • Fractured management of assets and hardware as each location/site is ‘doing their own thing’
  • Potential increased hardware costs as purchasing isn’t managed with a ‘whole of company’ approach, which can allow for rationalisation and affords companies the power of negotiation
  • Increased costs involved with training as employees may require re-training even for internal staff movements from site to site

SSI has helped a number of companies, including most recently a world leading metals and recycling company to harmonise their isolation practices. Harmonisation can offer many favourable outcomes including:

  • Engagement from all areas of the business in setting the framework of the system which engenders and supports inclusive communication and ownership across the organisation
  • The opportunity when re-designing the safe system of work framework to remove any inefficient or unsafe processes replacing them with industry leading practices
  • The development of consistent and fit for purpose mandated safe work approaches/practices set by Corporate and supported through all aspects of the business
  • Reduced hardware costs as ordering can be rationalised and companies have the power of negotiation
  • Reduced costs with the on-going management of systems and training of employees and contractors
  • Simplification of change management practices within an organisation when they are applied to safe systems of work as the framework is similar across the board
  • The ability to obtain meaningful results from auditing which can be compared across the different operational sites and countries

When the management of safe systems of work becomes fractured and dissimilar across an organisation that spans many sites and countries it can be a daunting task to realign them.

This is where SSI’s expertise can prove invaluable. On harmonisation projects SSI will:

  • Bring an outside specialist view point with decades of experience and a perspective based on what we have seen work (or not work) before
  • Help facilitate the positive internal discussion and consensus require
  • Be a central point of dedicated focus on improvement which ensures companies are able to keep their key employees on task and concentrating on their day to day operations
  • Be an unbiased third party to help take the emotion or politics out of contentious decisions
  • Be able to manage the whole transition including development of process flows to preparing procedures, documentation such as equipment specific isolation lists and training all personnel in the harmonised system

 Feedback from the General Manager of the metals and recycling company with which we recently partnered demonstrates just that:

We are extremely impressed with the way the harmonisation project has been handled. SSI have assisted and guided us seamlessly the whole way with expertise and flexibility. We now have a robust and cohesive isolation system across our organisation in which all of our staff have been trained. The employees’ feedback rated the content, trainer knowledge, relevance and quality of the training above 92% satisfaction which is a great indication of a job well done.”


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