Updating and re-writing of documentation can be onerous as it demands precious time and resourcing. Smart Staff International’s (SSI) ethos isMMG Photo 1 to develop the right documentation for the application, first time. Our branding of ‘Creating Practical Workplace Systems’ stands true with all of our work as our documentation stands the test of time.
SSI has delivered a lot of work internationally. It’s in these situations we often see the greatest need to develop very clear, concise processes, documentation and tools as they are applied to nationals and expats alike, even though there is sometimes a vast difference in learning and comprehension styles.
Smart Staff International were contracted by MMG Kinsevere, a copper mine located near Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, from 2012 – 2014.  During this time SSI provided the following services:

• Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) across several operational functions, including processing, maintenance, mining, supply and warehousingMMG Photo 2
• Development of practical assessment templates that were based on the above-mentioned SOP’s
• Development of Isolation procedures and isolation plans/templates
• Management of documentation through the organisational document control workflows
Recently after reconnecting with MMG staff we were provided with the following feedback from Training Superintendent at MMG Kinsevere copper mine:

“I found the level of expertise, output and professionalism of the Smart Staff personnel and organisation to be of the highest standard. The quality and accuracy of the output is such that the documentation is still used to this day at Kinsevere, with little amendments or modification over the course of time.”
“I would not hesitate to once again engage their services should the need arise”

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