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Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems

Do_check_plan_act_400An Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System is a legal requirement in all States and Territories of Australia.

EHS Management Systems need to be tailored to client needs and meet industry specific legislation. An effective EHS Management System will ensure a process of continual and pro-active improvement.

Services that can be provided by SSI are best summarised as follows:

  • Development, review and implementation of EHS Management Systems tailored to client needs
  • EHS Management Systems mapping and planning
  • Provision of specialised services to significantly improve client systems by using a systematic application of EHS Management principles and processes
  • Supply of environmental and safety professionals from EHS advisors to EHS Managers
  • Development of Supervisor Safety Leadership Training
  • Provision of gap analyses for existing systems to ensure compliance to industry best practice
  • Procedural development, review and formatting to meet client requirements
  • Provision of a variety of specific EHS training packages
  • Development and Implementation of Safety Behavioural Systems

SSI is supported by industry specific EHS professionals that will work with the client closely to provide technical support throughout all of the stages of an EHS Management System, from its initial development through to its full implementation - including follow up auditing.

With practical experience of both statutory legislation and operational experience within industrial environments SSI personnel provide extensive technical understanding of EHS principles and processes.

Our implementation process follows the "Plan, Do, Check, Act" continuous improvement cycle that ensures effective implementation, audit and review processes are embedded and meets the client needs.

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