SSI 2019 Isolation Point Labelling layers Wideformat

Isolation Point Labelling

Correct plant information and clearly identified isolation points significantly reduce the risk of incorrect isolations being applied and relied on.  These requirements are critical inputs to an industry leading Energy Control and Permit to Work system.  Ensuring this information is accurate, appropriately captured and made available can be a time consuming and costly process. 

SSI have developed efficient processes to uniquely identify and label valves and isolation points, along with maintaining accurate, up-to-date Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID's) and other engineering drawings.

The purpose of attaching labels with an assigned unique identification number is to ensure that when developing site procedures and/or isolation lists the correct isolation point is identified.

It is important to maintain P&ID's, engineering drawings and valve registers in a current state to enable:

  • The location of all isolation valves and their assigned unique identification number to be readily traced, and
  • To ensure that assigned isolation valve numbers are not duplicated.

From experience, SSI has developed a streamlined process to:

  • Affix a unique identification label to each isolation point
  • Perform red line mark-ups of P&ID's (and other drawings) to display all isolation points and the corresponding unique identification number
  • Develop valve registers to catalogue all assigned valve identification numbers, including data fields associated to the valve, such as; P&ID' number, valve type and size, pipeline number and any additional data as required by site
  • Revise electronic drawings (e.g. Auto Cad) to reflect mark-up P&ID's or submit markups for scanning into our client's controlled drawing database.

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