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Specialised Labour

Smart Staff International (SSI) provide targeted recruitment and specialised labour for the minerals processing, mining and utilities industries.

SSI have extensive experience in setting up Commissioning Teams and Targeted Implementation Teams for both long and short term projects. We can provide contract employees or manage the recruitment of individuals or teams across all disciplines in both  the resource and utilities industries.

Our industry experience and exposure nationally and internationally, enables us to understand role requirements and develop recruitment processes to ensure we employ suitable personnel for specific roles in a timely manner.

We are well practiced in building multinational teams and managing the cultural differences having worked with English, French, Filipinos, Papua New Guinean, Indonesian and Lao nationals.

Using our industry networks has made SSI extremely successful in providing the right personnel to meet our clients requirements, particularly in those "hard to fill" positions.

Specialised LabourTargeted employment for specialist roles includes:

  • Commissioning Engineers
  • Safety Professionals
  • Risk Assessment Facilitators, and Trainers
  • Commissioning Safety Manager on major projects
  • Auditors
  • Metallurgists
  • Confined Space Auditors
  • Personnel for the development and implementation of Safety Management Systems
  • Personnel for the development and implemention of Emergency Response Procedures
  • Safety Team Recruitment
  • Isolation and Permitting Team Recruitment
  • Supervisor development and mentoring

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