Specialised Labour & Operational Readiness

SSI understands the challenges faced by employers to secure the skilled labour they need to resource specialist positions in today’s employment market. 

Our employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can provide your company or business with the targeted help required over a short or longer term timeframe. 

Hiring our specialised staff for those ‘hard to fill’ positions is a cost effective solution and provides immediate productivity to meet your evolving organisational needs.

Our specialised team are passionate, focused, and ready to help your company or business in many roles, including:

  • Commissioning Planners and Managers
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Professionals
  • Management System Developers
  • Isolation and Permitting System Coordinators
  • Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators
  • Confined Space Auditors
  • Process Plant Labelers
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